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Vektori is a modern cash register product that is used in several different European countries.

Mini  POS


Light and easy cash register system

Smart POS


Cash register  system for any device



Cash register system with full features

Download from the app store!

No registration, no fees required.  

Vektori POS is used on more than 2,000 devices!

Request an APK package for an Android device without the Play Store

Vektori works on any device

Dedicated devices

Build your own cash register setup with your own devices, or select a complete VK cash register setup.

Tablets and phones

Download the application from Android Play Store, Apple App Store or open it from the cloud to a web-browser.

Payment terminals

Payment terminal, cash register and a printer all in one device. 

Compare different options and build your own solution.

Vektori is by far  easiest cash register that you have ever used.

Its maintenance free and has only two components.

Cash register application and cloud service.


Android, Apple IOS application or browser-based

Your data is safe

Real time monitoring of the sales and offline functionality.

Easy to use

Optimized for touch screens. Logical placement ensures visibility.

High quality application

Download and update from the app store. Use native application or web browser.

Various payment methods

End sales in cash or by card or other payment methods.

Receipts to email

You can add text to the receipt and send or print it.

Connect the payment terminal

Lot of different options. Print receipt from the terminal.


The easy-to-use browser based cloud service as a control center

Device independent

A desktop-type management tool. Manage terminals, vendors, products, prices, orders, invoices, and inventory.

Real time

Information available in one place whenever you need it. You will see sales, receipts and reports from the cloud tool.

Lots of features

Edit and create products, product groups, accounts, customers, price lists, you define all the necessary information on-the-fly.

Product Managemet

Product card with all important information visible clearly and quickly. Easily edit and keep your information up to date.


You can easily get extensive reports on sales, products, cash registers all the way to comparison, cash flow and accounting (pdf, excel, csv).

Cloud Service

Your data is always safe in the cloud. And you don’t have to invest in hardware or resources. All is already maintained for you.

You can integrate various payment terminals 

Nets / Nexi

Npay / PoplaPay


Viva Wallet 

Worldline / Bambora

Choose the payment terminal here

Additional features gives you time saving and business benefits

Read more about the functionality from below. 

Stock control

You can forget about Excel tables and hand notebooks by implementing Vektori stock control. Daily routines become faster and easier at the same time.

You can expand Vektori POS with the stock management and inventory tool. Warehouse management supports different units, multiple warehouses, recipes, inventories, waste, warehouse transfers, and many other typical warehouse management features .

It is easy to monitor the stock and receive automatic alerts. Stock information is also conveniently displayed at the cashier behind the product key.

You get warehouse management in Vektori for only €15/month/cash register

Sales pass ReceiptHero

The customer can become a loyal customer of your store with a few clicks directly from the application. Joining only needs to be done once, and the customer can be rewarded for joining with, for example, a one-time benefit.

In the future, you can offer your customers benefits when they use your services. Benefits are automatically registered in the mobile application and can also be easily redeemed through it.

Increase customer loyalty with sales passes.

You can use ReceiptHero priority passes for an additional fee of €90/month

Comming in 2023


You can also invoice your customers with the same products and the same prices as the cash register. Vector invoicing includes comprehensive invoicing features, product management for all kinds of products and a versatile customer management (CRM) tool.

Vektori Invoicing is a cloud service with a desktop-like easy user interface. You create, edit, change and manage invoices easily. You send the invoice: On paper, Electronically, By e-mail, As an attachment.

Filter the invoices to see exactly the view you need. Make the necessary accounts manually or automatically with bank data. Everything in one cloud service and can be managed with a browser.

Easy invoicing with Vektori!

You get Vektori Invoicing for an additional fee of €29/month


You can save the customer's information extensively in the system. You edit and change the customer's information easily. You can see important information in no time

You manage contacts, orders, invoices, contact events, tasks, order events, messages, etc. directly from the customer card.

You filter exactly the view of customers that you need, for example for contacting, marketing or management and changes.

You get Vektori CRM for an additional fee of €19/month

Electronic receipt

The electronic receipt solution is available through the ReceiptHero application. You don't need any setup or installation. You just create your company in the ReceiptHero service and everything is ready. Your customer only needs to use the ReceiptHero app and the receipts will be saved there automatically.

Electronic receipt for 0€/kk

Coming in 2023

Online store

You can add a WooCommerce online store to Vector. It allows you to sell your products both in brick and mortar and online. The integration keeps the products and stocks up-to-date for you.

Coming in 2023

Accounting integrations

From Vektori you can take the accounting report directly as a file, which you can use to export it to Netsvisor or Fennoa accounting program easily. CSV format is used as the file format.

You get CSV accounting export to Vektori checkout for €20/month

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